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Arc Flash Services

An Arc Flash is an explosive release of energy caused by an electrical arc due to either a phase to ground or phase to phase fault. This fault can be caused by many different incidents, including accidental contact with electrical systems, build up of conductive dust, corrosion, dropped tools, and improper work procedures. An arc flash can produce some of the hottest temperatures known to occur on earth – up to 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In comparison, the surface of the sun is only 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not surprisingly, the risk of serious and fatal injury from these incidents is severe. OSHA requires employers to protect employees from electrical hazards, including arc flash. Yet OSHA does not specifically explain how to comply with these regulations. NFPA 70E is the bridge between OSHA regulations and compliance. It is the consensus standard for electrical safety in the workplace, referred to by OSHA on numerous occasions.

Can you be cited by OSHA for failing to comply with NFPA 70E? In short, yes. As a leader in NFPA 70E compliance and Arc Flash Risk Assessments (also known as: Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Incident Energy Analysis, Arc Flash Hazard Assessment, or Arc Flash Study), Lewellyn can provide you with a comprehensive, customized safety solution for your facility.

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The 2nd episode of the Workplace Safety Show. Daryn and Jay discuss what to look for when choosing an arc flash analysis vendor and cover common questions that companies have before, during, and after they have an arc flash analysis in their facility.

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